Shipping Policy 1.1

Shipping policy

 We here at Christina's are always trying to get you the unique and stylish items that you want, in the most convenient way possible. Some items ship fast and easy, for a flat rate. Others, due to their sensitive nature, may require more costly shipping methods, in order to ensure you receive the quality item that you're counting on from us.

 Keep in mind that shipping and processing costs are inseparable, and for that reason, you may pay slightly more than just the postage. We do our very best to keep these costs at a minimum, in order to maximize your experience. We value you, and we care for your products in the same way we would like and expect to receive our own. 

 Refund availability is limited for packages that may have been damaged in transit. If your package has been damaged, you may be eligible for a full refund through USPS as our Priority shipping covers up to $50 in damages.  Certain Items are final sale.  For more information, please review our Refund Policy.