Set of 3 Artificial Succulents Plants

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Sophia's Garden
Plant or Animal Product Type
Cactus, Greenery, Succulents
Wood, Paper
Specific Uses For Product
Living Room,Office,Bedroom,Bathroom

About this item:

  • NO GREEN THUMB, NO PROBLEM If cactus is the only plant you can seem to keep alive for more than a few weeks and the number of plant skeletons in your closet is embarrassingly high, youÕll love the convenience of our lifelike Ð yet totally unkillable Ð fake plants and artificial succulents. YouÕll get all the visual benefits of a real plant without all that pesky dying stuff and most importantly, your friends and family wonÕt call you the Ògreen reaperÓ behind your back anymore.
  • TEXTURED FOR ADDED LIFELIKE REALISM Ð Unlike other artificial plants that arenÕt so subtle about looking rubbery and artificial, our plants decor feature beautiful greenery for a more natural appearance and are potted in minimalistic paper mache containers for a rustic-modern feel. TheyÕre the perfect way to bring the outdoor greenery straight to your living room, bedroom, house, home, mantle, farmhouse, dining table centerpieces, desk, bathroom, restroom, room decor for bedroom aesthetic!
  • NO MAINTENANCE NEEDED Ð Love everything about real plants but hate the idea of watering, pruning, weeding, and GASP Ð getting calluses all over your soft, supple hands? If youÕre not a fan of manual labor, artificial plants are a fantastic way to add a bit of greenery to your home without all the effort of taking care of live house plants! If you're looking for indie room decor, or if you're trying to be a teen girl hippie, our small fake plants decorations are the #1 choice.
  • ADD NATURAL VIBES TO ANY ROOM Ð Looking for a way to liven up your home without spending a fortune decorating? Our fake succulent plants are just the right size for shelf decor and make the perfect centerpieces for dining room tables. TheyÕre also great for spicing up kitchen tables, foyers, windows, college dorms, TV stands, bathtub corners and tons more!